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How does a deck affect the value of your home?

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There are several options open for homeowners to increase the aesthetic value of their homes. As one adds more artistic value to their home so does the real estate market value of the property increase! Among the many additions to be considered that have the potential to be a high return aspect of the home, the deck features prominently in this list as a mid-range project because it increases your curb appeal.
In real estate, the more difficult the times, the better the price one would get on homes. At such a time the value of a home is not just judged on the square footage of the house but how that space has been used. For example, realtors no longer look at 2,000 square feet of property but 2,000 square feet that have been enhanced with patios, decks, pools, remodeled rooms, or additional rooms.

The benefits of a deck to a property


Provides an space for outdoor entertainment.
A deck is ideal for people who like to entertain outdoors and having cook outs. In moderate weather it gives they provide the opportunity to soak up the sun within the confines of your home. You can make the space even more comfortable by placing deck furniture which creates an inviting ambiance.

Creates a specific aesthetic appeal

A deck can be used to create a specific look. With a variety of design options to work with, you can:

Use your deck to enhance the existing décor and ambience of your home. (e.g. a wooden or minimalist)

  • Customize your deck to enhance the shape of your home.
  • Use the deck to usher in a season like Christmas, Diwali, and Eid-il-Fitr using flower garlands, lights, and candles.
  • Enhance the curb appeal of your property as well as the poolside area if you have one
    Provides additional space to the property.

Instead of having events inside you have much more space outside to put up a grill, pitch a tent and have a warm fire pit to gather around. Not to mention space for your potted plants, extra furniture, and even a storage spot when you need it uses up the yard space constructively.
The yard can be an unsightly section of the property especially if there is nothing aesthetically pleasing going on with it. By installing a deck, you can create a usable space. This space can be used during both the warm and colder months as long as you feature protective additions depending on the weather.

A deck can change the way a potential buyer views your home at the point of sale. This is especially so if your property is competing with other properties that have decks. The absence of one can undermine its market value. Plus, a homeowner can recover the amount of money used on the deck by as much as 74% for composite decks and 87% for wooden decks. This is not always the case with other remodeling and renovation projects a homeowner can undertake on their home.

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