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Update Your Porch

Whether you are getting ready to put your house on the market to sell or just moved in and hope to spend the next 25 years in it, it’s important to invest in the curb appeal of your home.  Maintaining your home improves house values for you and your neighbors.  Driving up to your home, what is the first impression people will get from your house?  If it’s been a while since you’ve spruced up your front porch, it may be the next place to look at for your next home improvement project. 

Starting Simple

Depending on the size of your front porch, you can easily update the area with small improvements, such as painting your front door to a fresh, new color, fixing and repainting window shutters and plant boxes and repairing/repointing any broken or missing bricks in the patio and stairs.  Add some nice potted plants to bring in some color and charm to the overall look.  These are easy fixes that won’t cost very much and can be done in a day. 

Create delineation

If you have a raised porch, even just one or two stairs up, you can entirely change the look of your front porch by adding railing along the perimeter.  This defines the space of your porch and shows that it’s more than a stoop, it’s a destination.  This can be done in a weekend and won’t cost very much to make a huge difference in the look of your home. 

Porch Railing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

No room?

If you don’t have available space to make a large porch, you can still revamp the look of your home with the addition of a porch and portico.  It provides some shelter from weather while you find your keys, provides depth to flat faced homes, and becomes the focal point of the front of your house.  Round out the new entryway with new door hardware and house numbers to really give your home a while new look.

Lots of room?

If you have lots of room and a good budget, the sky is the limit!  Large front porches can feel like additional living space.  Introduce electrical work to the area and install a variety of lighting options and outdoor ceiling fans to use it all year long.  Add some seating options like some outdoor couches or hang a swing bench and you’ve created a lovely sitting area to entertain guests or a quiet spot to enjoy a quiet day in your neighborhood.

Portico additions and new porches can run from just a few thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars or more, but you are investing in your home and creating a beautiful new space that will last for decades and make a big impression to visitors.  A quality deck and porch professional can help you create ideas and design something that fits your lifestyle and your wallet.  Regardless of your budget, there are so many worthwhile projects that you can tackle to make your front porch an inviting space that you will enjoy.

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